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Ivan Vajs

Ivan Vajs

Company CEO

International Health will permanently develop and maintain long-term relationships with partners and consumers by offering them unique products that we are trying to respond in a timely manner to the health needs of today.

Ivan Vajs, company CEO

For more than a decade we create a program with a unique range of products that help protect health, prevent and treat illnesses. As a prerequisite for achieving our business goals, we have established a value system that guides us, based on expertise and professionalism. We constantly develop and acquire new knowledge and skills, because we are fully aware that our strength lies in the knowledge and abilities of our employees. We develop open communication and teamwork, concepts that allow us to thrive rapidly and steadily. The performance and quality of International Health is reflected in unique and innovative products that help protect health prevent and treat illnesses. We offer users the opportunity to educate and inform how to maintain their health and prevent diseases, and thus support a responsible and conscious lifestyle.
International Health in a few words
  • We have been working successfully since 2002, and today we have about 90 employees
  • Our already recognized brands are present in 8 countries in the region
  • Portfolio builds on certified product quality, continuous research and development
  • The company's development follows the needs of our customers